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Anker Power Bank Price in Bangladesh

Anker is a popular brand for innovative electronic accessories. But do you know the Anker power bank price in Bangladesh? You can buy Anker power banks at the best prices from Dolbear.

Anker power banks become increasingly popular due to their reliability, affordability, and wide range of features. Let’s glance at why you need to know Anker Power Bank and their price in Bangladesh.

Why Should You Buy Anker Power Bank in Bangladesh?

You need smartphones and tablets as essential work, communication, and entertainment tools. These devices can leave you stranded without power. 

Anker power banks can provide much-needed backup power. The power banks allow you to stay connected and productive on the go.

What are The Benefits of Premium Anker Power Banks?

The price of Anker Power Bank is unbelievably cheaper in Bangladesh. Anker power banks are reliable in critical conditions such as tours and emergency power failures. Anker Power Bank Key Benefits are:

Anker Power Bank Key Benefits

Anker power banks retain the highest quality. Anker power banks are lightweight and compact to carry anywhere, anytime. They are good for home, work, and school.

  • Reliability: Anker power banks are known for their high quality and durability. They have advanced safety features to protect your devices from damage and overcharging. 
  • Affordability: Anker power banks are available at various prices, making them accessible to many users.
  • Features: Anker power banks have various features, such as multiple charging ports, fast charging technology, and LED indicators.
  • Compact: Anker power banks are designed to be portable, making them easy to carry in your bag or backpack.

Anker Power Bank Key Features

Anker power banks offer various features to meet different users’ needs. We have listed some common key features of Anker power banks for you.

  • Capacity: Anker power banks come in various capacities, ranging from 10000mAh to 20000mAh. The higher the capacity, the more devices you can charge on a single charge.
  • Ports: Anker power banks typically have multiple charging ports, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Some models also have USB-C ports for fast charging.
  • Charging: Anker power banks use advanced charging technology to charge your devices quickly and efficiently. Some models also support Power Delivery (PD) for even faster charging.
  • Safety: Anker power banks have various safety features to protect your devices from damage and overcharging.

What are The Best Anker Power Banks at Affordable Prices?

  1. Anker 334 Magnetic Battery (PowerCore 10K)
  2. Anker 323 Power Bank (PowerCore PIQ) 10000 mAh
  3. Anker 325 PowerBank – PowerCore 20K II

Where to Buy Anker Power Banks at Best Price in Bangladesh?

Explore this page and find your favorite Anker Power bank price in Bangladesh. Contact our live chat support to learn about the upcoming Anker power banks. Dolbear is the authorized distributor of Anker Power Banks. So you will get up to 18 months of warranty for each product. 

How to Determine Anker Power Bank Price in Bangladesh?

  • Considering Capacity: A small power bank of 5,000mAh or 10,000mAh should be sufficient if you only use your phone. If you also use a tablet or other devices, you need 20,000mAh or more.
  • Charging Ports: Some Anker power banks have one port, while others have two or more. When you need to charge multiple devices simultaneously, you need a power bank with multiple ports.
  • Post type: USB-C ports are newer and faster than USB-A ports. Always go for USB-C compatible power banks for newer devices. Otherwise, a power bank with a USB-A port is fine.
  • Fast Charging: Fast charging technology can charge your devices up to 70% faster than standard charging. A power bank with fast charging technology is a good investment if you’re always on the go.
  • Read Reviews: There are a lot of Anker power banks on the market, so it is important to read reviews from Dolbear customers. This will help you choose a reliable power bank that meets your needs.

How Long Does Affordable Ankers Power Banks Last?

Anker Power Banks’ price in Bangladesh is significantly smarter than many counterparts. All the models are worth your budget and preferences. 

You can enhance the lifetime of Anker Power Banks by considering some factors. For example—consider the weight, compatibility, sellers, and consistency in charging.

  • Choose the lightweight power bank if you travel a lot and throw the power bank on different surfaces.
  • Check whether the power bank is compatible with your devices. Check the compatibility chart on the Anker website before you buy one.
  • Buy from a reputable retailer like Dolbear. There are a lot of counterfeit Anker power banks on the market. Ensure you buy from a reputable retailer to avoid counterfeit products.
  • Keep your power bank charged. Ensure you have a charging cable handy to charge your power bank when it’s not in use.


Buy and explore the Anker Power bank price in Bangladesh to grab the best deal! Purchase power banks on special occasions for interesting discounts. Always buy Anker power banks from authorized distributors to get genuine products.


What is the warranty for Anker power banks?

Anker power banks come with an 18-month warranty. If your power bank fails within 18 months of purchase, Anker will replace it for free. You will get a free replacement only from authorized sellers.

How long do Anker power banks last?

The lifespan of an Anker power bank depends on how often you use it and how well you take care of it. With proper care, an Anker power bank can last for several years. So, read the purchasing factors.

Can I use my Anker power bank to charge my laptop?

Yes, you can use some Anker power banks to charge your laptop. However, not all Anker power banks are powerful enough to charge laptops. Check the specifications of your power bank to see if it is compatible with your laptop.

Can I use my Anker power bank on an airplane?

Yes, you can use your Anker power bank on an airplane. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allows passengers to bring portable chargers on board if the capacity is less than 27,000mAh.

How do I clean my Anker power bank?

Cleaning the power bank is important. To clean Anker power banks, you need some materials. First, use a soft and damp cloth. Then, rub the cloth around the power bank. Be careful so that the dump cloth does not touch the connector. Also, remember not to use any harsh chemicals and abrasive materials

What should I do if my Anker power bank is not working?

You have two options if your Anker power bank is not working. 1. Troubleshoot the problem by following the steps in the user manual. 2. You can contact Anker customer support for assistance. In Bangladesh, you can contact DOlbear for any kind of support after purchasing genuine products from them.